Imagine the impossible

All you’ve ever dreamed of...

Imagine all this

Chromakey, Tracking, Multiple Sources

Nothing is Impossible

... In one shot

GhostFrame makes the impossible possible.

LED screen with Green Screen, Hidden Tracking, and Multiple Sources

Great journeys start with dreaming of the possibilities rather than being constrained by what you can't do. Aiming to make the "impossible" possible GhostFrame creates simplified, more efficient, and faster workflows. 

Sound like magic? It is. Combine hidden Chromakey, hidden Tracking, and Multiple Source video feeds into a single production frame. You choose which elements are visible to the human eye and which are visible only to the camera. GhostFrame unlocks unlimited creativity, while remaining comfortable for on-set actors and crew. Combining the strengths and possibilities of LED and camera technology, GhostFrame enables creative and powerful use of video and broadcast technology.

Green Screen

GhostFrame adds a full chroma frame in your video feed, which enables real-time post-production.

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Hidden tracking

Requires zero installation time through the absence of physical markers.

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Adds up to four different hidden video feeds, which can be captured individually by the camera.

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Multiple sources. One video feed. Multiple outputs.

GhostFrame works by displaying more than just the video feed on the LED panel. This magic makes it possible for professional cameras to capture one or more sets of images while the naked eye only sees one. Due to the fact that the LED panels have extreme processing power no work-arounds are needed. You can have all GhostFrame features while sending normal frame rates in 4K and 8K formats.

Multiple Hidden Sources

The magic of GhostFrame’s patented process makes it possible to show several sets of full dynamic images on an LED screen simultaneously within a camera’s production frame. One or multiple cameras can now capture more sets of images while the naked eye only sees one. The GhostFrame technology is based on advanced nanosecond alignment of video subframes and the camera shutter. By controlling the LED panels subframe output, cameras can align the shutter angle and capture the desired moment in time within a frame.

Show the talent where the AR object is located. Have hidden autocue or director cues on your LED wall, only visible in the studio. Nothing is impossible. Creating multiple hidden sources with GhostFrame in one video feed gives production teams the freedom to operate without restrictions.


GhostFrame Enhances Your Workflow

What if you could reduce both set-up and production time. Save time in post-production. Make your crew comfortable with high-end workflows without the need for additional hardware or losing processing and pixel capacity? What if you could work in a zero-latency environment? GhostFrame does all that with LED enhancement. And More.

Nothing is Impossible.

Almost zero delay (less than a production frame)
Usage of multiple cameras that can be moved freely
No post production process necessary to generate alternative sets
The absence of physical markers
Real images allow for real reflections
Make existing productions more cost-efficient

GhostFrame required equipment

ROE Visual Black Pearl

ROE Visual LED panels

GhostFrame works exclusively with ROE Visual LED panels. Several panel types are available, check with your regions ROE Visual office to find out which panel type offers the best solution for your application.

HELIOS Processing Platform

HELIOS Processing

GhostFrame works exclusively with Megapixel VR's HELIOS Processing Platform


TrackMen Tracking

GhostFrame works exclusively with TrackMen camera tracking. In order to calculate the position of the camera, it uses hidden information of GhostFrame LED panels, resulting in a very accurate positioning.

Imagine the Impossible

GhostFrame offers huge benefits whether you work in film, broadcast or events. GhostFrame delivers the tools to create magic in the world of visual communication. Explore its extreme possibilities, and deploy these in your work field.

Virtual Production, Film, Broadcast, Events: GhostFrame works for you

Broadcast - Add value and enhance the performance of the presentors by adding a hidden presentation dashbord, markers and autocue. Using GhostFrame technology enhances the viewing experience and makes the hostline a lot easier.

Film - Ultimate creative freedom to achieve your desired results in the cinematic workflow. Shooting scenes in one go with different cameras frustrum and capturing green screen at the same time allowing easy post-production touch-ups.

Events - Enhance the immersive experience while keeping the workflow similar. You can change the set extension and change the perspective without a required workaround. Creating a seamless and full augmented reality experience for the viewers.

Partners for Proven Technology

Working together with launch partner Lux Machina, GhostFrame has already attracted many producers' interest due to its benefits for virtual production and easier post-production workflows. GhostFrame has been tested at several locations in Europe and the United States, involving different partners and experienced technicians.

Philip Galler

“Having worked extensively with HELIOS and the Megapixel VR team, Lux Machina recognize the huge benefits GhostFrame offers for film studios and XR stages working with LED volumes. DP’s and producers will be able to reduce time and cost constraints when using GhostFrame in combination with our camera workflows. We’re excited to be a launch partner for this technology and can’t wait to deploy it in the field.”

Philip Galler Lux Machina

GhostFrame is a collaboration of:


AGS is the inventor of the patented Virtual Content Multiplication technology. VCM technology is what makes additional video content hidden to the naked eye and/or cameras.


Megapixel VR

Megapixel’s HELIOS Processing Platform makes GhostFrame possible with its unrivaled power and pixel capacity along with its multiple patents for Virtual Production LED technologies.

ROE Visual

Delivering state-of-the art products and services, ROE Visual is recognized as the industry standard when it comes to LED products.