GhostFrame Chroma

GhostFrame Chroma adds up to two chromakey frames in your video feed to enable real-time post-production

Create a hidden Green Screen. GhostFrame Chroma adds a full chromakey subframe along with your video feed. A hidden chromakey enables real-time post-production workflows without burdening playback systems or reducing pixel capacity.


Switch to green screen and back

GhostFrame Chroma allows you to use a greenscreen at any time during your production. You don’t have to choose between shooting in front of a green screen or a LED volume. You can have both at the same time.

Goodbye to green reflections

You can both preserve the natural light source and full dynamic reflection from the LED volume and have the talent feel at ease in a natural environment while at the same time have the benefit of a green screen background.

Have all the options in post-production

Optimize your post-production workflow with a hidden green screen . Having both the final shots and the greenscreen shots at the same time gives you all the flexibility you want. The resulting camera shots will allow you to choose the existing background or touch-up in post-production.

Accurate color representation everywhere

Using the GhostFrame Chroma you can create a perfect chroma-key detection, even in complex geometry settings, like corners or curves.

GhostFrame Chroma is a FREE feature

Available for anyone that uses a combination of ROE Visual LED and HELIOS processsing.

GhostFrame MultiSource

GhostFrame MultiSource adds up to four different hidden video feeds to your content source.

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GhostFrame Track

Have integrated camera tracking without the need for physical markers.

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Training and demos

Learn all about the GhostFrame features from the experts, register for one of the training events.

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