GhostFrame MultiSource

Adds up to four different hidden video feeds to your content source, which can be captured individually by the camera

The magic of GhostFrame’s patented process makes it possible to show several sets of full dynamic images on an LED screen simultaneously within a camera’s production frame. One or multiple cameras can now capture more sets of images while the naked eye only sees one.

Never have to shoot the same scene twice

GhostFrame MultiSource allows for multi-perspective capturing of scenes. You can do any scene in one shot from multiple camera positions, a great advantage for both the actors and the film crew. With GhostFrame MultiSource, you have the option to use up to four individual feeds, resulting in capturing four different shots or on-camera visuals.

One scene, different backgrounds

GhostFrame MultiSource allows capturing multiple scenes at the same time with varying background settings. This is ideal for speeding up the production workflow or when producing broadcast productions for different target groups.
With GhostFrame MultiSource, you have the option to use up to four individual feeds, resulting in capturing four differentcamera backgrounds.

Instructions right in front of the presenter

GhostFrame MultiSource allows adding visible prompting or positioning instructions for the performer or actor on the LED volume, invisible for the capturing cameras.
Ideal for news shows or live events, giving the performers hidden instructions that help them in their presentation.

Reduce production time

Capturing multiple perspective camera pre-views using GhostFrame MultiSource allows for smooth detail or insert shots with perfect transitions. Furthermore, you can use GhostFrame MultiSource for real-time parallel editing, reducing overall production time.

Realtime reflections

Not only can the talent work in a real environment - also the reflections of the environment are real, whichever environment you choose to capture on your camera. This makes the scenes very realistic and accurate, without the need for retouches in post-production.

Expand your commercial possibilities

GhostFrame MultiSource allows you to differentiate your target markets by creating content with different production scenes, backgrounds, or commercial ads in just one shot. Up to four different backgrounds can be created from one scene or shot.

Unrivaled pixel capacity

GhostFrame benefits from the native 8K capacity available with HELIOS. Its high pixel capacity coupled with the processing power in the panels will let you use all these features without bogging down render engines or requiring upstream compositing of images.

GhostFrame Track

Have integrated camera tracking without the need for physical markers.

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GhostFrame Chroma

GhostFrame Chroma adds a full (hidden) chromakey subframe along with your video feed.

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GhostFrame FAQ

Questions answered but more remaining? Have a look at the GhostFrame FAQ.

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