GhostFrame Track

Add a hidden tracking pattern to your LED volume for camera tracking.

Have integrated camera tracking without the need for physical markers. GhostFrame Track adds a hidden tracking pattern to the LED volume for camera tracking without reducing pixel capacity.

Hidden Camera Tracking

Allows camera tracking even for nearly closed LED caves, with LED panels making up backwalls, ceiling, and floor. In such an environment, marker-based optical camera tracking systems or traditional sensor cameras cannot be used without interference.
The hidden tracking information of GhostFrame turns every LED panel into a reference object for camera tracking. Hidden tracking is an exclusive and patented feature of GhostFrame.

Tracking without physical markers

Installing your camera tracking requires zero installation time with GhostFrame Track, due to the absence of physical markers. The tracking is done directly on the LED volume, resulting in high-precision tracking.
High accuracy can be achieved for perfectly aligned virtual set extensions. GhostFrame Track allows for extension of the tracking pattern outside the LED volume, even into a natural environment.

Zero impact on the LED processing

GhostFrame Track can be installed easily with the automatic camera initialization, no engineer is needed for the set-up. The system is compatible with all existing camera systems by using an additional tracking camera and has zero impact on the LED processing capacity.

GhostFrame and TrackMen

TrackMen has developed an exclusive camera tracking system that uses GhostFrame’s patented technology. The camera position is determined using the hidden tracking information displayed on the LED panels. This technology enables ultra-high-precision needed for virtual production and XR applications. Installation is fast and simple, you don't have to be a tracking expert to use it.

GhostFrame multisource

Adds up to four different hidden video feeds, which can be captured individually by the camera.

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GhostFrame Chroma

GhostFrame adds a full chroma frame in your video feed, which enables real-time post-production.

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Training and demonstrations

Learn all about the implementation of GhostFrame features from the experts.

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