GhostFrame inspires at CTFEST22 Gothenburg

As Christmas approaches, CT Gothenburg has long had a tradition of inviting customers and partners to their annual CTFEST. This year, they took the opportunity to showcase exciting innovations, including GhostFrame, on their ROE Visual Ruby 2.3 LED wall.  GhostFrame's LED Technology Specialist Jelle van Abbema gave multiple presentations during the event.

By combining GhostFrame and HOLOPLOT, a sound system that can generate multiple sound zones simultaneously without having to move the hardware physically, CT was able to demonstrate a simulated trilingual conference where participants could see a presentation in their native language while hearing a simultaneous language translation without having to use each audio device with a headset.

With GhostFrame MultiSource, a feature that adds up to four different hidden video feeds to your content source and can be captured simultaneously by one or more cameras, a presentation was shown in its original language in the center of the LED screen while two additional screen windows were placed on the same screen, each displaying its relevant language version of the same presentation.
HOLOPLOT allowed CT to divide the floor area, where the audience was standing, into three listening areas corresponding to the respective language versions of the presentation, allowing each section to hear the same language shown in the presentation. This is without having to use headphones to listen to the translation.

Creative Technology looks forward to helping customers implement these ground-breaking innovations into their upcoming events: “Combining GhostFrame and HOLOPLOT open up a wealth of possibilities for live events and fixed installations.”


Creative Technology creates a revolution using GhostFrame

Combining GhostFrame MultiSource and HOLOPLOT, Creative Technology delivered a simulated tri-language conference where over 100 attendees could watch a live presentation in their mother language alongside hearing a simultaneous language translation without the need for audio or video headsets.

NEP Sweetwater implements GhostFrame for the NFL Fox Sunday set

What Fox Sports has planned for this NFL season is unlike anything the broadcaster has ever done for football coverage. With state-of-the-art GhostFrame technology, Fox sports will debut a combination of Extended Reality (XR) and Augmented Reality (AR) during Fox NFL Sunday.

GhostFrame features

GhostFrame Chroma, GhostFrame Track, GhostFrame Mutli-Source. Gain access to these powerful features with Megapixel’s HELIOS processor and ROE Visual LED panels in combination with Virtual Content Multiplication technology. No additional hardware is needed.