Whitepaper - GhostFrame on HELIOS LED processing

Technology overview; Implementing GhostFrame in the production workflow

Leek, The Netherlands (17 February 2022) – Production time is precious. With GhostFrame™ on Megapixel’s HELIOS®LED Processing Platform, you can accomplish more by leveraging the inherent technology of LED panels and the limits of the human eye. Capture multiple in-camera images simultaneously, display camera-hidden content, and control the in-person experience all from HELIOS. Our whitepaper explores the core concepts, use cases, and strategies to optimize your workflow using GhostFrame.

Some of the topics in this whitepaper hightlighted:

Capture Multiple In-Camera Images Simultaneously
- Final pixel image and chromakey background
- Multiple video streams
- Overlapping frustums

Display Camera-Hidden Content
- Tracking markers visible only to the tracking system.
- Blocking markers or prompts visible only to the in-person talent.

Control the In-Person Experience
- Hide content using image inversion.
- Adjust the color and intensity gains of the in-person images independently of those in-camera images.

Download the whitepaper here